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VA - Japanese Fusion 1991

VA - Mixed Salad 1996

 VA - November 23


Nincs Karácsony ... / Retro Christmas Compilation

 Best of 1957 (jazz)


Summer Mix for the Hot Days


Slow down, speed kills [MIX]


Periodic Table of Music

Best of 1972

 Mystery Mixtape - The Soul-Jazz White Album




  1. Thank you! Just a note: The "speed kills" is the same as the "summer mix." Love the selections!

  2. Follow-up...
    I was very excited to see this blog and the selections of tunes, so I began to dl them. I should've checked something first:
    When I opened your very first compilation, it opened as just ONE file - and it was only marked as "track 1" - I was so disappointed. So, I decided to check your LAST compilation and was happy to see that you divided the files into the tunes...BUT, when I loaded them into my music player (iTunes), NONE of them had names! I'm wondering if I've now wasted a whole evening dl'ing your mixes, because I haven't the time to spend DAYS - maybe WEEKS - filling in all of the information on the tracks - like their NAMES. Please, for others, if you're going to do this, please do it properly for all to enjoy.

    thank you.

    1. When the post is a "mix" (Label: Music_mix))you will find only one mp3 file, because the music listed is the tracklist is mixed together. If the post is a "compilation" (Label: Music_compilation))you will find individual mp3 files. They have correct filenames, however I don't use the ID tags.

  3. Thanks for the explanation.
    I want to show you what
    one of your compilations
    looks like after someone
    loads it into a player so
    they can listen to it:


    Do you think that this is a good thing?
    Sixty-one tracks that have no information
    at all except their timings. If anyone wanted
    to know what they were listening to, they would
    have to load each of the 61 tracks separately and
    one-by-one fill in the information that they'd
    get from a page on your website.
    I'm just wondering how do you listen to your songs?
    Do you even use an audio player or do you just have
    a bunch of files on your desktop that you just reach
    over and click on when you want to hear something?
    This just has to be frustrating.

  4. I listen to them for example in Winamp. Look at the below image. I's my winamp playlist window. It shows the filenames of the same album.


    When I use mediabox, filemanes appear on the TV screen and my car stereo can also display filenames. I don't know what kind of player you use, but you should change settings I think.

  5. Wow! Ok, so this is clearly a Winamp problem.
    I checked over at their forums and saw that this
    was the nature of how Winamp works (or, rather, doesn't):

    "...If there's no tags (or no Title specified in the tags), then Winamp will display the filename instead..."
    "...I think you are always going to get headaches trying to use Winamp without the MP3 tags..."

    I was just astonished when I saw these here, because I've been on hundreds - probably about 650 -
    different sites that share music and this is the first time I've seen files with no IDs - I've seen plenty of
    wrong IDs, but never NO IDs, so this is why I was so surprised - and especially considering your great taste
    in music.

    Love your idea of the "periodic table"
    so I've decided to do my own.
    I plan on it being 118 "elements" with the first 80 done right now.
    I hope to be done with it tomorrow.

    Take a look here:

    1-47: http://i.imgur.com/Rx1Tzgp.jpg

    48-80: http://i.imgur.com/gHNIt3H.jpg

    Anyway, good luck!

    1. That looks great! Thank you. I have done some googling for you. This is how to change settings in Winamp. You will see filenames in the playlist window independently whether or not you have ID tags:


      Start with $filepart(%filename%)

      I have Hungarian user interface, but in English probably you should go to Options > Preferences > Titles

  6. Thanks for the info, but I've been using this great iTunes setup for almost 13 years.
    I'm just saying that ID tags are good...and they're used by 99% of users of
    computer-based audio players. That's why when you go to a random sharity site or
    any online store and download an album, it always has ID tags. The point I (and the
    people quoted from the Winamp forums) is that what you're seeing in your Winamp
    playlist window is a last-resort effort at defining what's on the audio file. It's like if
    I handed you an apple with a piece of paper attached that said "orange" When there
    are ID tags attached, there is absolutely no doubt that it's an "apple" if you know what
    I mean. To quote a tech writer about this:

    "...For me, adding such tags is an absolute necessity. If I really want my MP3 files to be and
    remain properly sorted and quickly usable even if I change software, I must guarantee that:

    • They are indexable through an open standard that many software tools can process automatically.

    • The corresponding data are written INSIDE THE FILES THEMSELVES, to follow them when the files move
    to another computer or operating system, and inside backups..."

    If your current method works for you, then great, but when the time comes when
    you change to another computer or another operating system, you just might have
    problems and lose the file info because it's only superficially named on top of the file
    and not embedded. Also, I just think that you might get more people interested
    if you would actually have tags on the songs because hardly anybody wants to take
    the chance having these files.

    Glad you like the look of my "elements" project (the idea was from you! - ha!)
    I'm going to try to finish it up today or tomorrow. I'm surprised that I've been
    able to find all of the elements, so far. We'll see when I get near the very end.

    best to you,


  7. Well, OK, you are right, that's the way you are handling music files. I'm using a good old software for indexing since almost 10 years. It reads the filenames and directories. I can search in it for filenames (= song title or artist + song title in VA albums) and directories (= artist + album). It indexes ID tags as well, but I practically never search in ID tags, because they are not always correct. But I always have correct directory and filemanes. Thank to this I can even easily reach any music by simple Win explorer search. Maybe it seems to be old fashioned, but it works and I'm satisfied with it.

    I'm looking forward to your "elements" project. It's unbiliveable, that you found all.

    All the best to you.

  8. Hey!

    OK, so here are some links.
    I have a huge iTunes collection -
    over a third of a million tunes -
    but it was still pretty challenging
    getting these "elements." I did a
    little cheating with 109 & 114,
    but those that come after 102
    are synthetic elements and not
    nearly as well-known to the public.
    With those two, I used some
    spoken words (from videos) about
    the elements, but some of the music
    plays underneath it sometimes,
    so it seems to work pretty well.
    These are what you would call a "mix" -
    no individual tracks.
    Hope you enjoy!

    Periodic Table of Tunes (1-30):


    Periodic Table of Tunes (31-60):


    Periodic Table of Tunes (61-89):


    Periodic Table of Tunes (90-118):


    1. Wow!!! That's great! It's unbelivable that there are songs on Copernicium and Ununseptium :-). I can't wait to hear them. They are just downloading. Thanks for sharing.