For Dorothy / Dorkának

COMPILATION / 52 tracks
MF / RAR / MP3 / ABR ~165 / 233 MB / 3 hours 15 minutes

01-Dorothy - Open
02-Denis Maravilha - Dorothy
03-Dorothy Masuka - Ngi Hamba Ngedwa
04-Dorothy Masuka - Zoo Lake
05-Dorothy Masuka - Mfan Omncane
06-Dorothy Ashby - Wine
07-Dorothy Ashby - Moving Finger
08-Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
09-Dorothy Collins - My Boy Flat Top
10-Dorothy Collins - That's All I Need
11-Dorothy Marques - Lamento Borincano
12-Dr John - Dorothy
13-Howlin Wolf - Dorothy Mae
14-Robert, Norma, Dorothy and Shirley Johnson - Hold My Body Down
15-Dorothy Morrison - Spirit In The Sky
16-Dorothy Morrison - Black California
17-Dorothy Berry - You're So Fine
18-Dorothy Ellis - Drill Daddy Drill
19-Dorothy Glass - Too Close
20-Dorothy Moore - Girl Overboard
21-Dorothy Moore - I Believe You
22-Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue
23-Dorothy Moore - You Can't Blame Love
24-Dorothy Williams - Country Style
25-Dorothy Williams - The Well's Gone Dry
25-Dorothy Williams - Watchdog
27-Dorothy, Oma and Zelpha - Gonna Put It On Your Mind
28-Dorothy, Oma and Zelpha - Henry Blake
29-Dorothy & the Hesitations - Unknown Title
30-Dorothy Black - Miracle man
31-Dorothy Norwood - Get Aboard the Soul Train
32-Parachutes - Buckle Your Belt Dorothy Cause Kansas is Going by
33-Surrender Dorothy - Only The Night
34-Bel Canto - Dorothy's Victory
35-Alison Moyet - Dorothy (Live)
36-Prince - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
37-Jolly - Dorothy's Lament
38-John Fahey - The Story of Dorothy Gooch Part I
39-Akuna Art - Dorothy is in the Garden
40-Barabás Lőrinc - Dóri
41-Dorothy Galdez - One Love (Club Mix)
42-The West Coast Workshop - Ode To Jackie, Dorothy And Alyce
43-Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman (Feat. Andy Sherman & Dorothy Sherman) - 3 Minutes To Explain
44-Kino Oko - Dorothy - Last Day of Life
45-Sun Ra - Dorothy's Dance
46-Bob Belden and Tim Hagans - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
47-Diana Ross - Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothy's Theme from The Wiz)
48-Donald Brown - Dorothy's Love Letter
49-Steve Howe - Dorothy
50-Jimsaku - Dorotea
51-Meco - Dorothy's Rescue
52-Meco - Over The Rainbow